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Since 2012, Earth Grounding Products, LLC, has been offering earth grounding sheets and wrist straps to its customers which may help lessen the effects of various types of health problems from stress and anxiety to chronic pains and insomnia, by using the earth's natural healing powers. Numerous studies highlight the benefits of grounding and connecting with the earth’s natural electrical systems, allowing you to access healing powers naturally. Traditional medicine and nutritional science have long held that harmful free radicals in the human body could be reduced by consuming foods rich in anti-oxidants and the natural effects of earthing, that is, connecting with the earth. Grounding provides similar benefits by using the earth’s abundant negative electrons to bind with and make harmless the positively charged free radicals in your body-- reducing inflammation which is the cause of many diseases such as arthritis, MS, etc.

While we cannot claim a cure for these illnesses, we hope our earth grounding products may offer clients relief from some of their symptoms. Please always consult a doctor before using our products. Our Earth Grounding Products are sourced from a well-known manufacturer and tested at our end before final dispatch to the customers. Read more...

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