1-3 Earth Grounding Sheet

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We are renowned suppliers of 1/3 earth grounding sheet suppliers in USA for our esteemed clients. Our offered 1/3 earth grounding sheets are made with silver threaded natural cotton sheets and silver is used in our Earth Grounding Sheets because of its antimicrobial and conductive properties. A fully fitted grounding / earthing bed sheets for whole body grounding while sleeping that are made with 100% cotton, soft, yet durable conductive silver fibres woven throughout the material. The sheets have a connection stud at the edge where the connection cord fits. Our offered 1/3 earth ground sheets are generally used to reduce chronic pain, increase energy, promote calmness, improve blood pressure, eliminating jet lag, and have many other health benefits.


Surface Laminated
Min Size 9 x 4 ft
Max Size 60 x 40 ft