Curing Inflammation With Earthing

Posted by Admin on March, 25, 2019

The human body is an amazing creation of the Supreme Lord. It is designed in a way that it can perform miracles and many of us have been a witness to a miracle. Our bodies have their own ways to tackle different ailments and rejuvenating the damaged cells and tissues. The removal of toxins and healing infections are carried by the human body itself, especially when the ailment is a minor one. This entire process is managed by the immune system that battles with all bacteria and viruses to keep the body safe. But, when we suffer from a major ailment, the antibodies and proteins are released by the body for a swift upheaval of the enervated area/organ. Since the flow of the blood carrying antibodies and proteins is increased, it results in acute inflammation. It usually lasts for a couple of days. However, if the problem persists more a long time, it is an alarm to see the doctor. What happens when acute inflammation turns chronic? Keep reading and find out.

Symptoms of Inflammation
Usually, the common symptoms of inflammation include pain, redness or swelling in a particular area of the body. It is bound to heal within 3-5 days itself. When inflammation becomes chronic, it wreaks havoc on the body. Its symptoms include the following:

  • Long-term exposure to pollutants and chemicals
  • Ignorance of mild or acute inflammation
  • Autoimmune disorder

Compiling autoimmune deficiency in a nutshell, it is a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks a healthy organ by sending antibodies and proteins in excess. Medical experts are researching the root cause of this condition.

The Treatment
Treating autoimmune diseases isn’t a tough job. By taking proper medication, you can easily get rid of autoimmune diseases. However, when you talk about earthing or grounding, it is the most effective and totally free treatment to get rid of inflammation in the body. Here are some tips to improve the health by grounding.

  • Use a ground sheet beneath a mattress or over it while sleeping. It will transfer free radicals for eliminating the positively charged negative electrons in the body.
  • If you walk barefoot indoors and the house doesn’t have an underground wiring, use grounding mats. Ensure that you do not wear sock while keeping your feet on the mat.
  • While performing yoga indoors, prefer using an earthing mat. It reduces the blood viscosity and inflammation induced from exercise. It proffers the same result one gets from walking barefoot outdoors.
  • If you own a house with a backyard or there’s a garden in close proximity to the house, try spending fifteen to twenty minutes walking barefoot on the grass.
  • Since saltwater is a great conductor of electrolytes, strolling on the seashore is also a great practice for reducing inflammatory issues.

Impact of Dietary Fibers: Eating Right
The dietary fibers play a key role in improving the chronic inflammatory condition. One has to become a teetotaler and add green & leafy vegetables in the diet. Nuts, tomatoes, olive oil, mackerel and salmon fish, and pulpy fruits should be consumed on a frequent basis. The food items like red meat, pastries, cakes, and processed meat shouldn’t be consumed if you are suffering from autoimmune deficiency.

The Bottom Line
Chronic inflammation can enhance the risk of several diseases including cardiovascular ailment. In order to keep this health issue at bay, people are suggested to consume a balanced diet and abstain from alcohol. Adding more to this, turning towards grounding is the optimum way to stay healthy and enervate the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases.

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