Grounding And Free Radical Neutralization

Posted by Admin on March, 18, 2019

Since ages, Mother Nature has been proffering numerous benefits to mankind that cannot be thanked. Staying close to nature always proves to be beneficial in every manner. One of the benefits is known as grounding. It is an optimal way to heal chronic diseases and balance life again. The benefits of earthing or grounding are mentioned in the ancient texts as well. The free radical neutralization is one of the treatments for healing the inflammatory diseases. Thus, you can know more about the free radical neutralization by reading this write-up that contains some interesting information.

Free Radicals- What Are They?
Free radicals are reactive oxygen species of highly reactive atoms having no pairs of electrons. Since they have no pairs of electrons, free radicals travel through the body and create a connection with different types of inflammatory ailments. Some prime ailments include immune dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, and others. Many physicians prescribe yoga for maintaining health. Undoubtedly, it proves to be beneficial to provide relief from different muscular issues and tensions, but our bodies tend to build up free radicals while performing different poses and stretches.
After the formation of free radicals, the injured/exploited tissues and cells in the body are attacked as they kill the good bacteria that protect the cells. Thus, it becomes essential to neutralize the radicals in high concentration to repair the exploited tissues in the body.

How Earthing Helps in Radical Neutralization?
Earthing or grounding is an easy thing and can be practiced almost anywhere. By strolling on the soil is sufficient for the upheaval of the free radicals. The positively charged electrons, created due to inflammatory ailments, are drawn towards earth. These contain the ‘bad’ free radicals that are neutralized for healing the damage caused by inflammation in different regions of the body. That’s a major reason why people during ancient times took long strolls barefoot for maintaining balanced health. Many people are unaware of the fact that basking under the sun on a beach is another substantial way to stay grounded for maintaining a balance between the positively & negatively charges electrons.

Signing Off…
Grounding products is one of the most simple and preferred options for neutralizing free radicals. All the ‘bad’ radicals, when coming in contact with the negatively charged ‘good’ electrons in the earth, are sent back, for healing the cells and tissues damaged due to inflammation.

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