Simple Tips For Reducing Computer Radiation

Posted by Admin on March, 25, 2019

A huge global populace has access to computers and laptops. In our daily lives, we do most of the work by sitting at the desktop and tapping fingers on the keyboard. There are high chances that most of the readers, probably, are reading this either on a laptop or computer. Not only for working, but computers and laptops serve as an escape from the stressful schedule of life. However, it is a human tendency of being ignorant and most of us ignore the ill-effects of the radiation emitted by computers and laptops. Yep, computers and laptops emit radiation that has a potential of being the root cause of grave diseases including insomnia, migraine, and even cancer in severe cases. If you are reading this line, we’re sure that you are concerned about your health and of your loved ones. But, we cannot debar these gadgets all of a sudden as we rely on them. Relax, we have answers to all your queries regarding computer radiation shielding. Keep reading, pals.

1. Wearing Anti-static Wristband
Frequent use of laptops and desktops makes us prone to the ill-effects of the radiation. There are numerous anti-static devices that can be worn for preventing the electrostatic charge emitted from the devices. It is usually worn on the non-dominant hand of the users who are ambidexterous. Since they are connected to the ground via retractable cable, the high charges leak through the cable without giving a shock. Though they are not tethered to the ground, they are incorporated with high resistance coiling for absorbing the electrical charge.

2. Anti-static Mat
One of the most popular devices used from protection of electric charges is an anti-static mat. It is used for eliminating the static charges. One can use this mat by plugging it into an electrical outlet. Some modern anti-static mats also provide the facility of connecting the anti-static wristband with the mat.

3. Anti-static Garments
Fashionable and comfortable, the anti-static garments are the new ‘savior’ in the market. They are made out of conductive threads that create a faraday cage for shielding against the harmful static charges. These charges we usually get from wool, silk, and synthetic fibers. Such garments are an optimum method for controlling the electro static charges. The industries of electronics, communication, and defense utilize anti-static garments on a huge scale.

Bonus Tip: Get Some Plants
This may sound ridiculous to many but it is entirely true. There are certain plants that are used as a shield for preventing computer radiation. They dissolve radiation and indoor pollution as well. You can place cacti near the desktop. The thorns of cacti contain properties that easily absorb the radiation emitted by the computer screen. Even aloe vera plant is widely used for computer radiation shielding. Owing to its meaty leaves, it can absorb high levels of radiations.

Signing Note…
If you do not have an anti-glare screen on the computer monitor, on which you were reading this blog, your eyes would have experienced discomfort. On the other hand, it would have been convenient if the screen was on. In this blog, you read some tips that will surely be going to protect from the harmful radiation. Got a Wi-Fi? Start hardwiring it now.

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