Tips For Preventing EM Radiation

Posted by Admin on March, 18, 2019

EMF or electromagnetic field is a common term we know. Those who aren’t aware, here’s a brief hello to it. Electromagnetic Fields are the invisible areas created by electromagnetic energy emitted by electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers etc. They are broadly categorized into two categories depending upon their frequencies. These frequencies possess no harm to excessive damage to the human body. Sounds eerie, right? But, there are certain items categorized as EMF shielding products that reduce the harmful radiation and protect the body from its ill effects. In this blog, you’ll get to know about some basic adverse effects of EMF and earth grounding products that reduce those effects. Continue reading with your blue-eye reflector glasses on.

EMF Targets Them…
The invisible magnetic areas created by the EMF target the brain, heart, and genitals. Since a major populace uses mobile phones frequently, the brain and heart are the highest risks of being exposed to the ill effects of the electromagnetic fields. As per the 2011 PET scan reports, it was concluded that during a call session between 15-30 minutes, the brain glucose metabolism becomes active on the ear the phone was placed. An irregular activity of the brain glucose metabolism, for a prolonged period, can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Similarly, it also affects the working of the heart in a negative way. Many of us prefer carrying mobiles in our pockets and that’s a common thing. However, the phone even when not in the use, emits EM radiation that can cause infertility in males as well as females.

Blocking The EMF
There are several ways that contribute to block EMF and reduce their ill effects. Let’s get started with them.

  • Using Bed Pad

The bed pad is one of the common earth grounding items utilized by people across the globe. Owing to its universal design, right from cots to the king-size beds, it can be tucked in or placed in whatever position one feels to be comfortable with. Since the entire body remains in touch with the bed pad, it results in a swift recovery from the damaged caused by high-end EM radiation.

  • Sleeping in Recovery Bag

What about in-house camping for a day or two? For those who have zero ideas about a recovery bag, get yourself briefed here. It appears to be a camping sleeping bag but it is made up of special fabric. It completely wraps the body that offers the best grounding and swift healing process.

  • Using Anti-EMF Gear

There are special anti-EMF gears available in the market. People use them to minimize the risk of harmful radiations emitted by gadgets like mobiles, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers. Carrying the cell phone in an anti-EMF case reduces the emission of harmful EM rays up to 83.66%. Similarly, router guards or router fabric are widely used by people for reducing router radiations. Such fabric can disable the 60 dB radiations up to 99%. One can use the static fabric around the bed to avoid the creations of the invisible electromagnetic fields.

Final Words…
In the current scenario, earthing grounding is essential for all. It nourishes the body with the speedy recovery for the loss caused by the non-ionized and ionized radiations around us. By understanding the cons and taking appropriate preventive measures, anyone can keep the ill effects of EM radiation at bay.

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