Understanding Radiation Shielding

Posted by Admin on March, 15, 2019

A majority of devices, despite their size, emit radiation that usually causes some sort of harm, whether major or minor. In order to protect from the enervating effects of radiation, a shield is designed for protection. It can either be a physical barrier or technological invention. Usually, radiation shielding is used for protection from harmful rays. Since this term isn’t familiar to many, let’s understand it first. Radiation shielding is anything that attenuates the active particles responsible in the formation of known radiation. It disperses and enervates the electrons in the medium used for stopping the rays. It is usually done when radiation is ionized. Ahead, we’ll be discussing more about radiation shielding, so continue reading.

Types of Radiation
In order to understand radiation shielding, it is essential to understand the types of radiation. Here’s a quick look at two types of radiation.

  • Ionizing Radiation

Comprising the charged particles, the ionizing radiation is a high level of energy. It is capable of causing cellular changes in the human body. Major sources emitting ionized rays are nuclear reactors, x-rays etc. In order to avoid contact with the ionizing rays, the shields like brick/cement walls and lead-pleated walls are the right options. When they are clubbed together, the charged electrons in ionized rays enervate because they cannot pass through these walls.

  • Non-ionizing Radiation

They aren’t harmful are three words that comprise the N.I.R. It is usually emitted from Wi-Fi, mobiles etc. Though they do not cause harm, it is essential to create a shield in order to avoid the slightest effect. The non-ionized rays (N.I.R) can be attenuated by using a metal faraday cage that surrounds the subject with a mesh of metal and prevents radiation. Special fibers are also used for reducing the effect of N.I.R.

Grade-Z Shielding: Smart Protection
Z security is highly popular worldwide. When an individual has Z security or Z+ security, his/her mind remains relaxed. Similarly, Z-grade shielding is the way for protecting from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. It has a capacity of reducing electron penetration by 60%! Moreover, it has further benefits like:

  • Protection from radiation damage
  • Noise reduction
  • Lower mass

The barriers used for Z-grade security are usually made up of tin, steel, and copper mixed with aluminum. It not only scatters charge electrons but absorbs the gamma rays that are used for producing x-rays.

Final Words
Radiation is harmless in small doses still, it isn’t a matter on which people joke. Radiation protection is a serious matter and one can protect himself/herself by using the appropriate shield. It can be stone, bricks, lead, and even water.

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