What Is The Amazing Health Discovery Named Earthing?

Posted by Admin on November, 18, 2014

People are growing increasingly health conscious since past few years. They buy food products and other supplements on the basis of their nutritional qualities. Most of them are buying much more expensive food products to gain the various health benefits associated with them. People are trying various new therapies to relieve the stress and exhaustion caused due to their fast paced work life. One new health discovery that has come up in the recent years is Earthing.

Earthing or grounding is based on the very basic trait of human beings. Humans are supposed to be in contact with the earth for a healthy body and mind. Since ancient times, humans have been in close contact with the earth. This contact has been physical, like farming, sleeping on bare floor, walking inthe fields bare footed, etc. But since the society is getting more and more civilized, human beings are losing touch with the nature. They wear branded shoes, sleep on beds and work on office desks. It is pretty good that the society is civilized and people live in comfortable environments, but the total lack of physical contact with the earth surface is affecting their health.

The human body naturally produces positive electrons within. The earth radiates negatively charged electrons from beneath the surface to up the surface. When human body comes in physical contact with the surface, its positive electrons get neutralized with the negative electrons. This is the natural process that every human body must undergo. But the current lifestyle does not allow people to come in physical contact with earth surface. This leads to many health problems like insomnia, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, allergies and resistance towards medicines. The symptoms mainly occur due to poor quality of sleep due to excess of electrons in the body.

The new health discovery of earthing states that everyone must spend some time in physical contact with the earth surface. Walking barefoot for some time outside the house is the best option. However, some people do not get the time and opportunity to do this on a daily basis. Grounding sheets are an excellent option for such people. Grounding or earthing sheets can be spread on the bed like a mattress and people can sleep over it. The ground wire radiates the electrons from beneath the earth to the grounding sheet. This is very effective, as the sleeping time is the most crucial time for the body.

The body gets recharged the most while sleeping; earthing sheets help in providing quality sleep by neutralizing the electron charge in the body. It can relieve many health problems and is one of the latest and most beneficial health discoveries.

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