Earth Grounding Half Sheets

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Grounding is one of the best and easiest ways to keep stress levels down, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation. Understanding its importance, The Earth Grounding Connection, LLC has come up with an efficient range of Earth Grounding Half Sheets. This sheet can be spread on the bed while sleeping, in a way that the bare skin of the lower legs directly touches it for maximized effect. Our Grounding Sheet comes with replaceable batteries and offers longer life.

These sheets can be machine washed in hot water, without using any type of chemical like bleach, fabric softener, etc. that can damage them. These Earth Grounding Half Sheets are 100% safe to use and do not need any special care. These sheets are generally used to reduce chronic pain, increase energy, promote calmness, improve blood pressure, eliminating jet lag, and have many other heath benefits. We can provide these sheets in small and bulk quantities at very competitive prices.


Price $123 or email for group order rates (more than 10 items)