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The clients can avail from us the finest quality Earth Grounding Sheets in two types namely Earth Grounding King Size Sheets and Earth Grounding Half Sheets. These Earth Grounding Sheets are all natural cotton sheets that are silver threaded. Silver is used in these Earth Grounding Sheets because of its antimicrobial and conductive properties. We are known as an eminent Earth Grounding Sheets Exporter and Supplier from USA.

Do not bleach or wash in hot water, this may destroy or damage the silver threads and make the sheets ineffective. Use a mild detergent with cold or warm water.

Other Details
  • The cord is included with the purchase. It snaps on to the sheet. The other end is placed in the ground on the wall outlet socket.
  • If ordered for use in the U.S., a ground checker will also be included to make sure the outlet is properly grounded.

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The health benefits of grounding are known to everyone. Grounding is nothing but a connection with the earthâs energy in any way possible. From ancient times, people have been feeling this warm and tingling energy by walking barefoot on the dew-moistened grass and in many other ways, which has greatly reduced in modern times due to busy

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Grounding is one of the best and easiest ways to keep stress levels down, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation. Understanding its importance, The Earth Grounding Connection, LLC has come up with an efficient range of Earth Grounding Half Sheets. This sheet can be spread on the bed while sleeping, in a way that the bare skin of the lower legs

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